Top places to visit in Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of the Indian subcontinent, is replete with historical monuments left behind by the Mughals who once ruled the city. The difference between the straggling Old Delhi and the well-planned New Delhi is great, and it is an absolute pleasure to explore both these sections. So, in this way, Delhi can be said to be a city that offers its visitors a beautiful fusion of history and modernity.

Top must see attractions and places to visit in Delhi

Red Fort

This is a powerful reminder of the grandeur of the Mughal reign in India. It stands in Old Delhi and was constructed by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan. A 2 km long wall was built around the fort for the purpose of protecting it from invaders. However, it couldn’t save it from the invasions of the Sikhs and the British. A light and sound show is held here, which tells you about the history of the fort.

Jama Masjid

Located in the old city, this is India’s largest mosque. Its courtyard has a capacity of 25,000 people. Its construction was completed in 1650, taking 13 long years in the process. It was built during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan. The highlights of the mosque’s architecture are its onion dome, central tank and white marble and red sandstone structure, exemplifying Indo-Islamic style of architecture.

Humayun’s Tomb

The structure resembles the Taj Mahal. This is because it is the structure that inspired the architecture of the latter. Built in 1570, it houses the body of Humayun, the second Mughal Emperor. The tomb is a part of a bigger complex that’s set amidst spectacular gardens.

Qutub Minar

This is the world’s tallest minaret. It was built in the year 1206; its construction was begun by Qutub ud din Aibak and completed by Iltutmish. But the purpose of its construction is unknown. There are five distinct floors, adorned with verses from the holy book of Quran and fine carvings.  Besides the minar itself, there are some other monuments in the site as well.

India Gate

This war memorial is situated right at the heart of the city. It was built as a tribute to the Indian soldiers who died fighting the British army during World War I. The gardens that adorn the boulevard are an ideal place to spend a warm summer evening. At night, the structure stands proud under warm floodlights.

Bahai or Lotus Temple

The temple is called so due to its appearance that resembles a lotus. It looks spectacular at night when it’s beautifully lit. Made up of white marble, it belongs to the Bahai Faith, which believes in the unity of all religions and people. The temple has no deity; hence, people from all faith are welcome here to pray.

Chandni Chowk

Visit Chandni Chowk to feel the very spirit of Old Delhi, which is a sharp contrast to New Delhi’s orderly streets. This is where you can find autos, cycle rickshaws, cars, hand-pulled carts, pedestrians and even animals sharing the same path. So, you can understand how chaotic it is, nonetheless, you cannot deny that it is captivating too. The market there is one of the oldest in India. It sells fabrics, artificial jewellery, electronics, spices etc. Chandni Chowk is also scattered with some famous street food joints, mostly making North Indian food.

A visit to Delhi can give you an essence of whole of India.