Bangalore KA

Top Attractions in Bangalore

Now known as Bengaluru, Bangalore is the capital of the state of Karnataka. The city can be defined as a place with a pleasant climate and a conglomeration of people and culture, making it a pulsating city that is full of life. This prominent Indian city has earned itself several titles like the ‘City of Gardens’, ‘Silicon Valley of India’, ‘Air Conditioned City’ and ‘Pub Capital of India’.

Historical attractions

Bangalore Palace

Built in 1887 by Charmaraja Wodeyar, Bangalore Palace depicts Tudor-style. The inspiration behind the construction of this palace is the Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom. Its interior is adorned with wooden carvings and its exterior is fortified with towers, battlements, turrets, etc.

Tipu Sultan’s Palace

Located near the fort, this palace is now converted into a museum. The construction of the palace was begun by Hyder Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan after 10 long years. This 2 storied wooden structure is adorned by curves, columns and balconies. It used to be the summer home of Tipu Sultan.

Vidhan Soudha

 This 46 m high noble building, a testimonial to temple architecture, is built up of granites. It basically showcases an Indian style of architecture, with four domes at four corners. The building has 300 rooms and 22 departments.

Vikasa Soudha

Adjacent to Vidhana Soudha, this building is a modern construction unlike its neighbour. The granite stones with which this 8 storied building is built were chosen especially from the quarries of Koira, Mallasandra, Avalahilli, Hesaraghatta, etc. The outer walls of the building display decorative stone work.

HAL Aerospace Museum

Established in 2001, this is India’s first aerospace museum. It displays model aircrafts, equipments for navigations and communication, etc. Here you can also have a thrilling flight experience in the modern flight simulators. From the ATC tower you can have a panoramic view of the take-off and landing of numerous airplanes.


Cubbon Park

Built by Lord Cubbon, the viceroy of India in 1864, this park offers you with 300 acres of green serenity. If you are seeking a calm and quite atmosphere, then a visit to the park can provide you with that. Nature lovers, joggers and walkers visit Cubbon Park frequently.  

Lumbini Gardens

Located in the banks of Nagawara Lake, Lumbini Gardens is located on the Outer Ring Road.  This 12, 500 sq ft. wave pool is beautified with an artificial beach. You need not worry about safety, because here you can have a safe form of entertainment. The quality of the water is maintained with the use of a modern filtration plant; lifeguards too are stationed here for your safety.


Bannerghatta National Park

Situated about 22 km from Bengaluru, Bannerghatta National Park is attractive with diverse wildlife.  The major attractions of this park are tigers, lions, crocodiles, pets corner, picnic corner, serpentarium, lion safari, etc.

This place also houses India’s first Butterfly Park, which sprawls across an area of 7.5 acres. This conservatory has a polycarbonate roof, in order to support more than twenty species of butterflies.


Commercial Street

This is one of the most prominent shopping complexes in Bangalore. The chaos and humdrum of the place tells you about its popularity and the energy. Here you get to shop for garments, textiles, jewellery, sports goods, etc.