Hajj being one of the Pillars of Islam is considered as the most sublime deeds and the best forms of worship. Muslims believe that the religious faith is incomplete without it.

One of the below should be true, for the worship to be acceptable.

  1. They truly devote themselves to Allah the Almighty
  2. They remain and follow prophet’s example in their words and deeds. This can be accomplished only if they have the knowledge of Sunnah – the social and legal customs followed and practiced by the entire Muslim community as direction by the Prophet.

The tradition has been grouped under three categories Hajj Ifrad, Hajj Qiran and Hajj Tamattu. This is based on the pilgrimage to Mecca, of which the regulations and governing rites vary according to the pilgrim lives, whether to make Umrah along with Haff or to give an animal sacrifice or not.  As per the Islam, if any one of these 3 types of Hajj are performed, that would fulfil the requirement of Hajj for once in lifetime.

Hajj Ifrad

A pilgrim wears Ihram during Hajj. Ihram is nothing but the clothing that is worn by Men and Women when performing their pilgrimage be it Hajj or Umrah. The reason why there is a garment restriction is to avoid unnecessary attraction or attention. When they reach mecca, they needs perform Tawaf and Sa’i (Ritual Walking) for Haff. Tawaf is one of Islamic rituals, where the Muslims during their Hajj or Umrah, go around the Kaaba (The Islamic Shrine) for seven times. As he doesn’t disengage from the Ihram, it nots required to the shave or cip the hair. Instead, he remains in Ihram till Jamrat Al-‘Aqabah  (Stonin of the Devil) on Eid day. It is also permissible to postpone the Sa’i for Hajj until after his Tawaf for Hajj.

Hajj Tamattu’:

The pilgrim wearing Ihram should wear it only during the months of Hajj until he reaches Mecca. Once he makes Tawaf and sa’I for umrah, then he either he shaves or clips his hair. On the Tarwiyah day, which is eighth of Dhul-Hijjah (Possessor of the Pilgrimage), he just puts on the Ihram for Hajj and carries out all the requirements to done.

One should perform both Umrah Al-Tamattu and its Hajj in the same year. Also it is important to know if a Haff Al Tamttu is performed by a someone i.e. a proxy, then the same person should perform both Umrah and Haff.

Hajj Qiran:

Qiran involves combing of Umrah and Hajj. A pilgrim must wear Ihram for both Umrah as well as Hajj. Alternatively, he can wear the ihram for Umrah first and then make his intentions for Hajj before Tawaf. One of the three forms are Tamattu which the Prophet encouraged his followers to perform.  If a pilgrim has intentions for performing qiran or ifrad, he is allowed and can changes his intentions to tamattu, which he can even do it after performing Tawaf and and Sa’i. Phopht peformed Tawaf, Sa’I during his farewell with his companions and ordered those who haven’t brought sacrificial animals to change their intentions for Haff for the Umrah, cut the hair and disengage from Ihram till Hajj.

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